Staff Directory

Name Position Department/School Website Phone Extension Email
Francine Coss Superintendent of Schools Central Offi​ce 860-283-3053 ​14500 ​
Michelina Stanley Executive Secretary to the Superintendent ​ 
Todd Bendtsen Business Manager 860-283-3053 14503
Lisa Kawiecki Accounts Payable/Payroll 860-283-3053 14501
Marsha Potter Secretary 860-283-3053 14506
Eric Martin Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 860-283-3036 12302

Secretary for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment 860-283-3036 12304
Andrea Peters Director of Pupil Personnel Services Pupil-Personnel Services 860-283-3050
Helen Guerrera Secretary for Pupil Personnel Services 860-283-3050
Geoffrey Dobos Senior Support Technician Information Technology 860-283-3036 12310
Jose Ortiz End User Support 860-283-3030 14350
Jonathan Kozlak Principal Black Rock School 860-283-3040
Kristin Bernier Principal Thomaston Center School 860-283-3030
John Perrucci Principal Thomaston High School 860-283-3030
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