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Thomaston Public Schools Announces New Faces and Old Faces in New Places

Todd Bendtsen and Aimee Turner are new faces and Alisha DiCorpo and Jonathan Kozlak are old faces in new places.More

Summer Assignments

Thomaston High School summer assignments can be found here

2014-2015 Thomaston Public Schools Budget

The Thomaston Board of Education unanimously approved the 2014-2015 Thomaston Public Schools Budget on Monday, February 24, 2014. 

Click here to view the BOE-approved budget document

Click below to view the BOE-approved

Five-Year Capital Expenditure Requests

This BOE-approved budget will be presented to the Board of Finance on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at 7:00P.M. in the Town Hall, Meeting Room One.

 The Thomaston Board of Education is developing a long-term plan for the District through a process called the Long-Term Educational Utilization Plan.

The Thomaston Board of Education has posted a form for all Thomaston residents wishing to receive information about the Long-Term Educational Utilization Plan (LTEUP).

This form allows residents who do not have a child enrolled in Thomaston Public Schools to provide the District with an email address, cellphone number, or landline telephone number to receive communications from the District about the LTEUP.

Click the "LTEUP Form" link.

Long-Term Educational Utilization Plan Timeline

Thomaston Board of Education


Please click here to access Dr. Prowda’s Enrollment Study.

Please click here to access Mr. Ireland’s Facility Use Study Presentation.

Please click here to access Mr. Ireland's Companion Narrative to the Facility Use Study Presentation.

*NOTE:  The Board welcomes public participation in accordance with Thomaston Board of Education Policy 9325(a) - Bylaws of the Board - Meeting Conduct.  Specifically, provision for permitting any individual or group to address the Board concerning any subject that lies within its jurisdiction shall be as follows:

  • Five minutes may be allotted to each speaker and a maximum of twenty minutes to each subject matter.
  • No boisterous conduct shall be permitted at any Board of Education meeting. Persistence in boisterous conduct shall be grounds for summary termination, by the chair, of that person's privilege of address. If necessary, the Chairperson may clear the room so that Board members may continue the meeting.

No oral presentation shall include charges or complaints against any employee of the Board of Education, regardless of whether or not the employee is identified in the presentation by name or by another reference that tends to identify an individual. All charges or complaints against employees shall be submitted to the Board of Education under provision of Board of Education policy. The Thomaston Board of Education is confident you will observe the rules of common courtesy.